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Motswana Fact 1 (Sept. 4–Sept. 10, 2005)

The number of phones in Botswana has increased to more than 1.5 million so there are no longer more people in Boston than there are telephones in Botswana.  If the phones are distributed evenly, three-quarters of Batswana have phones.

Motswana Fact 2 (Sept. 11–Sept. 17, 2005)

While English is Botswana’s official language, it is only spoken by 2.1% of the population.  The major language is Setswana, spoken by more than 78% of Batswana.

Motswana Fact 3 (Sept. 18–Sept. 24, 2005)

No, Motswana is not a typo.  People from Botswana are called Batswana (not, say, Botswanans).  One person is a Motswana.  The same holds true for the adjectival form, hence Motswana Fact and Batswana Facts (in the page title).

Motswana Fact 4 (Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2005)

Botswana Day is September 30.  This national holiday celebrates Botswana’s independence from Great Britain 43 years ago, in 1966.