Requested by Bea

Japanese Fact 1 (Dec. 4–Dec. 10, 2005)

Japan has the third largest number of Internet users in world, after the United States and China.  There are 86.3 million of them, up from 57.2 million in 2004.

Japanese Fact 2 (Dec. 11–Dec. 17, 2005)

You have to be twenty years old to vote in Japan.

Japanese Fact 3 (Dec. 18–Dec. 24, 2005)

Japan is the oldest nation in the world, having a traditional founding date of 660b.c.  This beats China’s original founding date by 440 years.  However, China’s official founding date is now 1959, due to the start of the Maoist regime.  Japan has been an empire for all 2,665 years of its existence.

Japanese Fact 4 (Dec. 25–Dec. 31, 2005)

Five-sixths of Japan’s railroads run on the non-standard gauge of 1.067 m (3.5 ft).  This goes along with driving on the left side of the road.  There’s just something about island nations that forces them to be different from everybody else.