Requested by Katie

Lithuanian Fact 1 (Feb. 27–Mar. 5, 2005)

As of 2007, there were 799,400 land based phones and 4,912,000 cellphones in use in Lithuania.  The land lines are in decline, and cellphones are on the rise from the 2004 and 2005 figures.  The number of phones is also on the rise.

Lithuanian Fact 2 (Mar. 6–Mar. 12, 2005)

Lithuania has 44 TV stations, up 50% from 2005.

Lithuanian Fact 3 (Mar. 13–Mar. 19, 2005)

All of the railroad track in Lithuania is broad gauge except 22 km (13.67 mi) of it.  There are only 16 countries not in the former Soviet Union that have any broad gauge railroad at all, and only 10 of those didn’t border the Soviet Union.  This is because all the track in mainland Russia is broad gauge.  (For those of you unfamiliar with railroading, broad gauge means that the tracks are wider than the international standard of 4’ 8.5〞 in the case of Lithuania and its Soviet counterparts, it’s 5’ even.)

Lithuanian Fact 4 (Mar. 20–Mar. 26, 2005)

The average Lithuanian family has fewer than 2 children.

Lithuanian Fact 5 (Mar. 27–Apr. 2, 2005)

Going along with the previous fact, Lithuanians are a dying race.  More of them die than are born every year, and more people leave the country than immigrate to it.