Requested by Lisa

Monegasque Fact 1 (May 1–May 7, 2005)

Monaco is so small (only 1.95 km², 0.76 mi²) that the palace and the casino are the major features on the map, and the only major coastal features are docks.  Not only that, but the country is shrinking.  It’s lost 0.02 km² since 2005.

Monegasque Fact 2 (May 8–May 14, 2005)

Monaco isn’t even important enough for the U.S. to have an embassy there.  The American Consulate in Marseilles fulfills all those duties.  Monaco doesn’t have an embassy in the U.S. either; a consulate in New York City suffices.

Monegasque Fact 3 (May 15–May 21, 2005)

An estimated 20,000 Monegasques were Internet users in 2006.  The number is probably higher now, since, as of 2008, there were 21,058 computers connected to the Internet there.

Monegasque Fact 4 (May 22–May 28, 2005)

There are only 3 ways to get to Monaco: driving from France, taking a helicopter from Nice, or taking a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea.