Requested by Bill

Polish Fact 1 (July 31–Aug. 6, 2005)

Constitution Day is Poland’s national holiday.  It is celebrated on May 3rd to commemorate Poland’s first constitution passed in 1791.  This in spite of the fact that the current constitution wasn’t passed until May 25, 1997.

Polish Fact 2 (Aug. 7–Aug. 13, 2005)

Poland has only 7 heliports.

Polish Fact 3 (Aug. 14–Aug. 20, 2005)

If you’re a Polish woman over 65, chances are pretty good that your husband is dead and you won’t be able to find a date since you out number men your age 3 to 2.  On the other hand, your odds are better than 2005’s 2 to 1.

Polish Fact 4 (Aug. 21–Aug. 27, 2005)

There are three major political influences in Poland: two labor unions and the Roman Catholic Church.

Polish Fact 5 (Aug. 28–Sept. 3, 2005)

Poland’s flag is exactly the same as Monaco’s, except upside-down.