Requested by Clela

Thai Fact 1 (Apr. 3–Apr. 9, 2005)

Thailand ranks 20th in population, but only 50th in land area among the nations of the world.  This is like moving the entire populations of California and Colorado to Texas to live with the people already there.

Thai Fact 2 (Apr. 10–Apr. 16, 2005)

Thailand’s major national holiday is December 5th, King Phumiphon’s birthday. He’ll be 82 this year.

Thai Fact 3 (Apr. 17–Apr. 23, 2005)

The phone number for the Thai chancery in Washington is (202) 944-3600.  There are also consulates in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Thai Fact 4 (Apr. 24–Apr. 30, 2005)

The net migration rate in Thailand has been 0/1000 people four years in a row.  One person enters the country for every person that leaves it.  There have been strict immigration policies there for the last 100 years, and they must be based upon emigration, since I can’t believe that the Thai are that lucky.