The Holy See

Requested by Karen

Fact 1 of The Holy See (Oct. 2–Oct. 8, 2005)

The Holy See is the only place in the world where Latin is still an official language.

Fact 2 of The Holy See (Oct. 9–Oct. 15, 2005)

The Holy See is the smallest independent country in the world with a population of 932, and a land area of 0.44 km² (0.17 mi²).

Fact 3 of The Holy See (Oct. 16–Oct. 22, 2005)

The Holy See’s economy is mostly based off of the charitable contributions of the Roman Catholic Church.  Additional support comes from tourism and published works.

Fact 4 of The Holy See (Oct. 23–Oct. 29, 2005)

One of the major industries of the Holy See is the production of postage stamps.