South Africa

Requested by Damon

South African Fact 1 (Oct. 30–Nov. 5, 2005)

The capital of South Africa is Pretoria, but the Parliament meets in Cape Town and the supreme courts in Bloemfontein, giving an illusion of three capitals.

South African Fact 2 (Nov. 6–Nov. 12, 2005)

There are no lakes or ponds in South Africa.

South African Fact 3 (Nov. 13–Nov. 19, 2005)

South Africa is rich in precious metals.  They are the world’s largest producer of both gold and platinum.

South African Fact 4 (Nov. 20–Nov. 26, 2005)

In the same vein as Fact 2, South Africa has a major problem with water.  They have few major rivers and face pollution, overuse, and desertification issues like many countries in northern and southern Africa.

South African Fact 5 (Nov. 27–Dec. 3, 2005)

The South African Merchant Marine has acquired a new ship in the last year, so now they have three: a cargo ship and two tankers.  One of these is actually owned by the Danes (apparently sold to them by the Dutch who owned it last year).