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Azerbaijani Fact 1 (July 30–Aug. 5, 2006)

Due to war with Armenia, the two countries are kind of interspersed.  Azerbaijan is made up of four pieces: one very large section, one medium-sized section separated from the main body by Armenia, and two other very small sections surrounded completely by Armenia.  Armenia also has a piece of its country completely surrounded by Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani Fact 2 (Aug. 6–Aug. 12, 2006)

Azerbaijan shares a 9 km (5.6 mi) border with Turkey.  This is the shortest international border in the world.

Azerbaijani Fact 3 (Aug. 13–Aug. 19, 2006)

Azerbaijan has 4,786 km (2,974 mi) of oil and gas pipelines, but only 2,122 km (1,319 mi) of railways.  This is just over a 2 to 1 ratio.

Azerbaijani Fact 4 (Aug. 20–Aug. 26, 2006)

Azerbaijanis were really dirty farmers.  The area around their capital is the considered the ecologically most devastated place in the world by local scientists.  This was caused mainly by the use of DDT and toxic herbicides in cotton farming, but also helped along by some oil spills.

Azerbaijani Fact 5 (Aug. 27–Sept. 2, 2006)

Azerbaijan has some very extreme elevation extremes.  Their lowest point is the Caspian Sea, 28 m (92 ft) below sea level, while their highest point is Bazarduzu Dagi at 4,485 m (14,715 ft, or 2.7 mi) above sea level.