Requested by Dan

Irish Fact 1 (Apr. 2–Apr. 8, 2006)

One of Ireland’s major agricultural exports is turnips.  No one else exports enough of them to warrant a listing.  As far as the CIA is concerned, all turnips in the world come from Ireland.

Irish Fact 2 (Apr. 9–Apr. 15, 2006)

Nearly half of Irish railroads are owned and operated exclusively by the Irish Peat Board (there is such a thing) to bring peat to power plants.

Irish Fact 3 (Apr. 16–Apr. 22, 2006)

You can join the Irish military at 17 (or earlier, in some cases) even though you’re not allowed to vote until you’re 18.

Irish Fact 4 (Apr. 23–Apr. 29, 2006)

Most of the hash imported to Europe goes through Ireland first.  They’re also the stopping point for most synthetic drugs and a small portion of the heroin and cocaine.