Requested by Karen

Icelandic Fact 1 (Apr. 30–May 6, 2006)

In Icelandic, the word for ice is “is,” thus making the local name of the country “Island.”  This is really only amusing in English.

Icelandic Fact 2 (May 7–May 13, 2006)

Iceland’s natural resources have doubled.  In addition to geothermal energy and fish, there is now also hydropower and diatomite which is used in kitty litter.

Icelandic Fact 3 (May 14–May 20, 2006)

Iceland has no military, although there is a National Police Force and a Coast Guard.  Defense is the responsibility of the United States Icelandic Defense Force.

Icelandic Fact 4 (May 21–May 27, 2006)

Iceland has an unemployment rate of 1.6%, making it the 9th most employed country in the world.

Icelandic Fact 5 (May 28–June 3, 2006)

Sixty-six percent of Icelanders are Internet users.  This is just a little less than the percentage of the population between the ages of 15 and 64.