South Korea

Requested by Megan

Korean Fact 1 (Feb. 26–Mar. 4, 2006)

The number of people carrying HIV in South Korea is surprisingly small: only 13,000 according to 2007 estimates.  That is less than one-tenth of one percent of the the population.

Korean Fact 2 (Mar. 5–Mar. 11, 2006)

South Korea has 812 ships in its merchant marine, putting it among the top fifteen in the world and higher than both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Korean Fact 3 (Mar. 12–Mar. 18, 2006)

Korean women are allowed in infantry divisions but not the chaplaincy corps of the South Korean military.

Korean Fact 4 (Mar. 19–Mar. 25, 2006)

There are 116 airports and 516 heliports in South Korea.  This means that that there are more heliports in South Korea than anywhere else in the world.  They are also one of six places with more heliports than airports.

Korean Fact 5 (Mar. 26–Apr. 1, 2006)

South Korea is about the same size as Indiana.  Unlike Indiana, however, it’s the same time in the entire country, all year round.