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Liechtenstein Fact 1 (Jan. 29–Feb. 4, 2006)

Liechtenstein is one of two “doubly-landlocked” countries in the world.  Not only is Liechtenstein landlocked, but so are its neighbors, Switzerland and Austria.

Liechtenstein Fact 2 (Feb. 5–Feb. 11, 2006)

The capital of Liechtenstein in Vaduz.  This is notable because it is not a city named Liechtenstein, unlike the capitals of the Holy See, Andorra, or Monaco.

Liechtenstein Fact 3 (Feb. 12–Feb. 18, 2006)

All of Liechtensteiners can read and write by age 10.  They are one of seven countries in the world with a 100% literacy rate, and the only one in that group to define literacy as being able to read by the age of 10 instead of 15.

Liechtenstein Fact 4 (Feb. 19–Feb. 25, 2006)

I’m not exactly sure why Liechtenstein and Switzerland are not the same country.  They share a currency, a language, an American ambassador, a television network and telephone system, and a military.  Also, 13,900 of their 32,440 workers commute daily from Switzerland, Germany, or Austria.  Only 18,540 Liechtenstein laborers are actually Liechtensteiners.