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Norwegian Fact 1 (June 4–June 10, 2006)

Ever since Norwegian independence, they tried to be a neutral country, like Switzerland.  Unfortunately, they didn’t become independent until 1905.  They managed neutrality for World War I, but Hitler occupied them in World War II.  This put a bad taste in their mouth, and afterward, they joined NATO.

Norwegian Fact 2 (June 11–June 17, 2006)

The world has 356,000 km (220,750 mi) of coastline.  83,281 km (51,634 mi) of this is Norwegian.  Thus, Norway has 23% of the world’s coastline.

Norwegian Fact 3 (June 18–June 24, 2006)

The Norwegians don’t have to worry much about natural disasters.  The only ones of any note are rock slides and avalanches, which are reasonably easy to control.

Norwegian Fact 4 (June 25–July 1, 2006)

The Norwegians are in a territorial dispute over Queen Maud’s Land in Antarctica.  This means that, not only does one country want part of Antarctica, at least two countries do.