Requested by Josh

Singapore Fact 1 (July 2–July 8, 2006)

Among Singapore’s international disputes is piracy in the Malacca Strait.  Singapore has pirates!

Singapore Fact 2 (July 9–July 15, 2006)

Singapore produces 1.14 billion kWh of electricity.  They use 37.42 billion kWh.  They don’t export any electricity.  What happens to the other 3.72 billion kWh?

Singapore Fact 3 (July 16–July 22, 2006)

As many as the top nine losers of Singapore’s parliamentary elections still get to be a part of the governing body: as non-voting debating members much like Washington, D.C.’s representatives in Congress.

Singapore Fact 4 (July 23–July 29, 2006)

Singapore uses all of its arable land for growing permanent crops, including rubber and fruit.