Cape Verde

Requested by Karen

Cape Verdean Fact 1 (Feb. 4–Feb. 10, 2007)

Seventy-one percent of Cape Verdeans are mulatto.  Of the remaining 29%, 28% is native African, and the last 1% is European.  The large amount of mixed-race in the country comes from its history as a major center of the North African slave trade.

Cape Verdean Fact 2 (Feb. 11–Feb. 17, 2007)

Cape Verde grows a wide variety of wonderful food, including bananas, sugar, coffee, corn, sweet potatoes, and peanuts.

Cape Verdean Fact 3 (Feb. 18–Feb. 24, 2007)

Despite the name Cape Green, Cape Verde’s natural resources are entirely composed of rocks and fish.  The list goes salt, basalt rock, limestone, kaolin, fish, clay, and gypsum.

Cape Verdean Fact 4 (Feb. 25–Mar. 3, 2007)

Cape Verde spends only 0.7% of their GDP on the military, which consists of an army and a coast guard.  This puts them in 214st place for lowest military spending in the world, tied with Malta.