San Marino

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Sammarinese Fact 1 (Apr. 1–Apr. 7, 2007)

San Marino, founded in 301, is the oldest republic in the world, and the fourth oldest continually independent country, behind Japan, China, and Ethiopia.

Sammarinese Fact 2 (Apr. 8–Apr. 14, 2007)

San Marino is one of three countries completely surrounded by another country.  Like the Holy See, San Marino is completely contained within Italy.  The other country is Lesotho within South Africa.

Sammarinese Fact 3 (Apr. 15–Apr. 21, 2007)

The average life expectancy in San Marino is 81.97 years—fifth highest in the world.

Sammarinese Fact 4 (Apr. 22–Apr. 28, 2007)

San Marino exports mainly building materials like wood and stone, but it also sends baked goods out into the world.