Requested by Rebecca

Chilean Fact 1 (Dec. 30, 2007–Jan. 5, 2008)

At 77.34 years, Chileans have the longest life expectancy in South America.

Chilean Fact 2 (Jan. 6–Jan. 12, 2008)

The World Factbook says that the Atacama Desert in northern Chile is “one of the world’s driest regions.”  This is an understatement.  There are some weather stations there that have never had rain.  The average annual rainfall for the region is less than a millimeter, and some geological evidence suggests that some dried river beds haven’t had water flowing through them for 120 millennia.

Chilean Fact 3 (Jan. 13–Jan. 19, 2008)

There are enough Jehovah’s Witnesses in Chile that they get a listing as a major religious group: 1.1%

Chilean Fact 4 (Jan. 20–Jan. 26, 2008)

Chile is so popular that everyone wants a piece.  Bolivia is trying to get back a piece of the northern Atacama in an attempt to get some coastline.  Bolivia ceded that land to Chile back in 1841.  Peru decided unilaterally to redraw its border with Chile in the Pacific, in order to get more ocean.  And finally, Britain and Argentina have competing claims on areas of Antarctica to which Chile lays claim.  Again, people want Antarctica enough to argue about it.

Chilean Fact 5 (Jan. 27–Feb. 2, 2008)

Chile is a major transfer point for Europe-bound cocaine.  The country is also a leading cocaine consumer.