Requested by Morgan

Haitian Fact 1 (Mar. 30–Apr. 5, 2008)

Haiti is the poorest county in the Western Hemisphere.  Eighty percent of the population is below the poverty line, and more than two-thirds of the workforce is unemployed.

Haitian Fact 2 (Apr. 6–Apr. 12, 2008)

Among the thirty countries with the highest percentage of people with HIV, Haiti is the one of three not in Africa.  It clocks in at 28th place; 2.2% of the population is infected.

Haitian Fact 3 (Apr. 13–Apr. 19, 2008)

Ninety-six percent of Haitians are Christian of some denomination.  Half of them also practice voodoo.

Haitian Fact 4 (Apr. 20–Apr. 26, 2008)

Ninety-five percent of Haitians are black.  This means that Haiti has a greater percentage of blacks in its population than some African nations, including South Africa and Namibia.

Haitian Fact 5 (Apr. 27–May 3, 2008)

The Haitians have a small Coast Guard, but no other mobilized military forces.  The Army, Navy, and Air Force exist, but only on paper.