Requested by Ant

Burmese Fact 1 (Aug. 31–Sept. 6, 2008)

There are more miles of railroad in Burma than paved roads.

Burmese Fact 2 (Sept. 7–Sept. 13, 2008)

Of the four percent of Burmese who are Christian, three percent are Baptist.  Also, one percent of the population is animist.

Burmese Fact 3 (Sept. 14–Sept. 20, 2008)

Burma has a unicameral legislature.  Representatives hold terms for four years—or at least they would, if they’d been allowed to take office last time elections were held, 19 years ago.  According to a new constitution from 2008, there will be new elections for a bicameral legislature in 2010.

Burmese Fact 4 (Sept. 21–Sept. 27, 2008)

Burma’s economy is in pretty bad shape through government mismanagement.  If the junta is looking for a revenue source, they might check out the 1.67 billion extra kilowatt hours of electricity they produce every year.  The country produces almost one and a half times the electricity it needs, but exports none of it.