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Argentine Fact 1 (May 3–May 9, 2009)

Argentina has 40.9 million people, but 46.5 million mobile phones, and also 9.6 million landlines on top of that.

Argentine Fact 2 (May 10–May 16, 2009)

Chile and Argentina have several land disputes, all over cold, inhospitable places.  They have competing claims on Antarctica, and while they agreed to assemble an international team to map and make borders in the Andean Southern Ice Field in 2001, they have yet to actually do so.

Argentine Fact 3 (May 17–May 23, 2009)

Argentina’s military is up-and-coming.  The country has suffered from hard economic times, preventing them from putting money into the military, but things have recovered, and they have started an ambitious modernization plan.

Argentine Fact 4 (May 24–May 30, 2009)

Argentina has 1,130 airports, the 6th largest number in the world—behind the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Russia.