Requested by Morgan

Moldovan Fact 1 (Mar. 29–Apr. 4, 2009)

The official language in Moldova is Moldovan, which is “virtually the same” as Romanian.

Moldovan Fact 2 (Apr. 5–Apr. 11, 2009)

Moldova has an isolated, agrarian economy.  As such, it hasn’t suffered the same economic slow down as the rest of the world.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean much, since their economy is pretty slow to begin with.

Moldovan Fact 3 (Apr. 12–Apr. 18, 2009)

Moldova has two parts to their Judicial branch.  There is a Supreme Court, and then a separate Constitutional Court whose job it is to rule on issues of constitutional interpretation.

Moldovan Fact 4 (Apr. 19–Apr. 25, 2009)

Moldova has 424 km (263 mi) of internal shipping waterways.  These are made up of the Dniester and Prut rivers.

Moldovan Fact 5 (Apr. 26–May 2, 2009)

While Moldova became independent during the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russian troops have been stationed on the east side of the Dniester River continually, in support of a Russo-Ukrainian separatist movement there.