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Namibian Fact 1 (May 31–June 6, 2009)

Namibia is the world’s fifth-largest producer of uranium.

Namibian Fact 2 (June 7–June 13, 2009)

A Namibian dollar is worth 12.9 US cents.  This is actually down from a 5 year high of 15.7 cents in 2004.

Namibian Fact 3 (June 14–June 20, 2009)

Namibia has all the infrastructure for a great telephone system: fiber-optic data transfer lines and also 84% coverage with cell phones (nothing to be ashamed of for a country that’s mostly desert).  Unfortunately, still only about 55% of Namibians have phones.

Namibian Fact 4 (June 21–June 27, 2009)

Fourteen percent of Namibia is land preserves, protected by its constitution.  Namibia is the first country in the world to set up constitutional nature preserves.