Requested by Rachel

Slovak Fact 1 (Feb. 1–Feb. 7, 2009)

Only 99.6% of Slovak women can read (as opposed to 99.7% of men) even though they have an extra year of schooling.

Slovak Fact 2 (Feb. 8–Feb. 14, 2009)

Slovakia uses 1.04 km³ (1.04 trillion liters or 2.75 billion gallons) of water per year.  That’s 193 m³ (193,000 liters or 51,000 gallons) per person per year.

Slovak Fact 3 (Feb. 15–Feb. 21, 2009)

One of Slovakia’s political pressure groups is the Association of Towns and Villages, presumably lobbying for what’s best in “real” Slovakia.

Slovak Fact 4 (Feb. 22–Feb. 28, 2009)

Slovakia has a trade deficit of $6.43 billion, which is the 60th largest in the world, and roughly comparable with the rest of Eastern Europe.