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Eritrean Fact 1 (Oct. 3–Oct. 9, 2010)

The red triangle on the Eritrean flag represents the country itself, as Eritrea is roughly triangular.

Eritrean Fact 2 (Oct. 10–Oct. 16, 2010)

When Eritrea won independence from Ethiopia in 1993, it took all of Ethiopia’s 2,234 km (1,338 mi) of coastline.

Eritrean Fact 3 (Oct. 17–Oct. 23, 2010)

Eritrea has a transitional government (since the transition to independence in 1993).  Elections were supposed to be held in 2001, to elect a permanent government according to the 1997 constitution, but these elections have been postponed indefinitely.

Eritrean Fact 4 (Oct. 24–Oct. 30, 2010)

Eritrea’s per capita GDP is $700.  There are only four countries in the world with lower: Somalia, Liberia, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.