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I-Kiribati Fact 1 (May 2–May 8, 2010)

There are 2,000 Internet users in Kiribati—the second smallest number in the world, in front of Timor-Leste.

I-Kiribati Fact 2 (May 9–May 15, 2010)

There are not many I-Kiribati resources.  Like many of the tiny Pacific atolls nations, there are phosphate deposits, but these have been depleted since the late 1970s.  Thus the I-Kiribati economy is based largely on fishing, coconuts, and tourism.

I-Kiribati Fact 3 (May 16–May 22, 2010)

Until 1995, Kiribati was split by the International Date Line.  Now, all of it is in the UTC +12 timezone, on the western side of the line.

I-Kiribati Fact 4 (May 23–May 29, 2010)

Kiribati is a nation of 33 islands, but only one port.