Requested by Tim

Swedish Fact 1 (July 4–July 10, 2010)

Sweden was a major military power in the 1600s, but has been neutral for the last 200 years.  Sweden’s last major offensive (the Great Northern War—1700–1721) ended in disaster when the Swedes attacked Russia in the winter, setting a precedent that has been repeated over and over since.

Swedish Fact 2 (July 11–July 17, 2010)

The main Swedish natural hazards are ice flows in the Gulf of Bothnia, which interfere with ship traffic.

Swedish Fact 3 (July 18–July 24, 2010)

Sweden produces 3,572 barrels of oil per day and imports 542,100 barrels per day.  It uses 351,800 barrels, and exports 219,300 barrels.  They have no oil reserves, resulting in a 25,428 barrel daily deficit of oil.  No idea how one sells more than 25,000 barrels of oil that don’t exist every day, but I’d like to learn.

Swedish Fact 4 (July 25–July 31, 2010)

At 425,300 km (264,269 mi), Sweden has the 15th largest amount of roads in the world.