Requested by Sarah

Tongan Fact 1 (Jan. 30–Feb. 5, 2011)

Tonga is the only Pacific Island nation that has had a continuous monarchy.  It became a British protectorate, but kept it’s king all the way through to independence.  It’s now the only monarchy in the Pacific.

Tongan Fact 2 (Feb. 6–Feb. 12, 2011)

The highest point in Tonga is on Kao Island.  The area is 1,033 m (3389 ft) above sea level, but isn’t named.

Tongan Fact 3 (Feb. 13–Feb. 19, 2011)

Two-thirds of Tongan exports are agricultural—mostly fish—but the country’s primary industry is tourism.

Tongan Fact 4 (Feb. 20–Feb. 26, 2011)

Tonga is at complete peace with its neighbors.  There are no territory disputes, drug trade problems, or unsigned outstanding UN treaties.